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Related post: Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2008 18:35:33 GMT From: "" Subject: Adult/Youth - Rest Stop 27Jamie was still in a deep sleep in the morning when I went in to wake him. I found him splayed out on the bed with the sheet twisted around his naked body and only half of his butt. I lifted the sheet and exposed the rest of it and Jamie stirred and rolled over on his back. He must have had to pee, because he had a female child porn piss hard on and it was standing child pussy links up looking right at me. I wasted sex hardcore child no time in engulfing the rampant member in my mouth while fondling Jamie's balls. Jamie started moving and eventually realized where he is and what's going on. He pushed me forcibly away from his crotch."Jeez Mike, I really have to pee!" he protested. He jumped from the bed and started for the door."You better put some shorts on; you never know who you'll meet up with in the hall," I advised. Jamie found his shorts on the floor and hopped around on hentai child xxx one foot and then the other getting them on and scooting out the door. "Get dressed and meet us at the breakfast table," I yelled through the closed bathroom door.I walked down the hall and was puzzled by the taste in my mouth. I had tasted Jamie's dick many times before, but it never tasted quite like this. It has a strange, though not too unfamiliar child girls fucking taste. I just couldn't put his finger on it. Finger! Oh yeah; that's what it was! It was free child handjob like the smell and taste after finger fucking a girl! While I was happy I made the connection, I was not happy with the inference that Jamie had had his penis in a girl, particularly because that girl would have to be Kelley! It seems she was at it again. I couldn't blame Jamie any more than I could have blamed Kyle. It was time to have a heart to heart talk with Kelley, but she would be leaving soon with Lynn and I didn't want to upset the whole family, including Jamie. It would have to wait nacked child pic until they got back home.I found Lynn and Kelley already dressed and at the breakfast table. Their suitcases were child pinkpussy by the door to the garage. Soon after, Jamie stumbled upon the scene and sat at the table next to Kelley."Did you sleep well, Jamie?" Lynn asked."Yes, Ma'am," he replied. I looked to see any signs of acknowledgement between Kelley and Jamie, but they were playing it very straight."That's good, now would you like waffles or eggs for breakfast?""I'll have waffles, please," he replied.I decided to have the same and they finished their breakfast and washed it down with coffee and juice."Jamie, why don't you help Kelley get her things out to the car while her mother and I tits child clean up," Mike said. Jamie and lolta child russia Kelley picked up the suitcases and child xxx art bags and went to the garage child bed kid to put them in Lynn's childsex tgp car."Are you OK, Kelley?" Jamie asked as soon as they were in the garage."Oh yeah, I'm fine," she answered, sex pics children "Just a little sore down there, but I couldn't stop thinking about what we did! It was awesome! How are you?""I'm good," he said. "I thought about it a lot, too, and look what already happened!" He lifted up his T shirt and showed her the tent poking out the front of his shorts. "I just can't control it; especially when you're around!" Kelley giggled at that child sexs thought and went over and put her hand on his hard penis."Wow, you're right!" she noticed. "It's already hard and long! Is it going to stay that way?""No, I hope not," he said. "I don't want your mom to see me like this." He tucked his stiff pecker under the elastic waistband of his shorts and pulled his T shirt down to cover it. "Is that better?""Much better," Kelley answered. "We're going to be leaving soon and I won't get to see you again before you leave." She gave him a hug and one of naked fuck children her big childs tgp kisses. He kissed her back."Now that's not going children nudist picture to make it any easier to hide this thing!" he joked. They both laughed and found their way back into the house.I didn't have the nerve to say anything to Lynn about Kelley child toons xxx budding sexuality. I did wonder if she noticed anything herself. She was usually keenly observant and, Kelley being an only child had watched her grow and mature under her watchful eye. I had a feeling things would come to a head sooner or later. Being basically non-confrontational by nature, I would rather it be later.We finished cleaning up after breakfast and, before I hard child porno knew childern pictuers sexxxx it, Lynn and Kelley were ready to go. Lynn kissed me and I child fuck portal told her to say hello to her brother and his wife and kids for him. Kelley gave me one of her signature kisses and hugs and I whispered in her ear while I had her close to him."You child 3d sex are a good girl," I said sternly. "We children extrem porn are going to have a big talk when you get home.""OK, Daddy," she said shyly. I gave her a last squeeze and a loving swat on the butt to get her on her way."We should see you late Sunday night," Lynn said. "Love you, Bye." Jamie and I stood in the garage and waved as they backed out of the driveway and went down the street. After the car turned the corner and they could no longer see them, they turned back toward the door to the house."Now, let's have a talk, just you and me," I said as I threw my arm around Jamie's shoulder. Jamie looked incest litle child at me, first with a look of bewilderment, like he didn't have a clue about what I wanted to discuss, and then with a sheepish look of recognition that there may be some thing to discuss after all. I could feel his shoulders slump as that look swept over his child porno ukraine face. I walked him to the couch and sat him down. I sat on the edge of the coffee table right in front child pics russian of him."What's going on, Jamie?" I asked."What childs nude fotos do you mean? Nothing's going on!""Oh, really!" I countered, "Then why does you crotch taste and smell like pussy?""I, uh, well, I uh Kelley, umh," he stammered."Let me guess," he said. "Kelley came into your room late at night and attacked you while you xxx nudist children were sleeping!""Yeah, yeah, sorta like that," Jamie said. "She came in and, well, she didn't actually attack me, but I woke up and she was naked in the bed beside me. porn upskirt child I didn't mean for anything to happen, honest!" I saw Jamie start to tear up and I felt bad playing the bad guy. I know I am the parent and Kelley is my little girl, but she does have to take some of the blame. I sat next to Jamie and pulled his head to my shoulder."Tell me all about it," I said. Jamie started telling the story and, once he got into it and saw I wasn't mad, he couldn't stop. He was like a boy that just got his first piece of ass! He told it in vivid detail with glances my way to see if I was still OK with it. I child panty pictures encouraged him and urged him on. asian childporn When he reached the end, we both sat in silence."That's quite child erotica tgp a story, Jamie," I said. "I believe child schoolgirl it, too. So, tell me, do you still like boys, or just girls now?""Jeez, Mike, I don't know!" he said. "I'm confused. child hardcore sex I really like what you and Kyle and I do and I really like what Kelley and I did. I don't want to have to make a choice. I really just like to have my hard dick taken care of and I really like to cum!""I can see that," I said as I reached up the leg of his shorts and found a very hard dick. "I'd like to take care of it for you child sex nude right now!" He lifted his butt off the couch and I had his shorts off in a flash. I settled over his crotch and caught a whiff of that pussy alex porno children smell as I descended on his pecker. I let it slide through my lips and all the way to the root as I felt his balls in my palm and fingers. I really went to town on him and had him wriggling and thrashing around on the couch. My hand left his balls and crept back toward his ass and through the valley of his crack. I skimmed lightly over his little pucker and felt him taboo child modles twitch in my mouth. After stimulating him some more, I brought my finger to where my mouth met his crotch and managed to get some spit on it before returning to his hole. I pushed some of the spit child girl pics into his anus and followed it with the tip of my finger. Once I was sure I was on the right course, I didn't waste any time, but shoved it home. I felt his prostate as my finger went by, but I didn't stop to play. I jammed my finger all the way up his ass. I guess, in my litle child nude mind, I was punishing him for what he did to my daughter. I don't think it was working. He childfuck very seemed to just enjoy it more! He was moaning and pushing into my mouth while I stroked in and out with my finger. Now I got busy on his prostate and could feel his dick get even harder and could taste a little precum seeping out.I think he finally realized that there was no longer anyone sex children russian else childporn paysites in the house and he let go of all his inhibitions. petit child hardcore He moaned and groaned and yelled while thrashing around on the couch. I kept up as best I could, determined to give him a real mind blowing orgasm."Oh, Mike, I'm cumming, I'm cummmminnnng!" child nudists thumbs he screamed as he thrust his crotch straight in the air, driving his dick into my mouth. I felt a throb, followed by a picture childs desnudas jerk, followed by a spurt and another and another. All in all, a very respectable orgasm, for a young fellow! I kept him in my mouth as he started to soften and milked his dick down with my lips and tongue until there was no more cum to find."Oh, my God!" That was so unbelievable!" We both slumped back into the cushions of the couch and closed our eyes.Lynn and Kelley were about an hour and fifteen minutes into their trip when they both decided they had to pee and stopped at the next rest stop. They had another hour or so to go, so nude children fucking it was a smart move on their part to seek relief there. They would never make it all anime child porn the way to Dan and Linda's without stopping. They took care of business and then Lynn got a coffee and Kelley got a Coke to go.Back in the car, Kelley daydreamed about rusian childs nude what had happened between her and Jamie and what she had done with Kyle. She wondered what her mother would say about it and half alt children porn thought about bringing up, but decided against it. The closer they got to her cousins' house, the more she thought about her upcoming visit. After all, it was Billy and Mindy who started her on this path. If the twins hadn't introduced her to this sex stuff, she wouldn't have known what to do with Kyle and Jamie.She thought back to last year's visit. The twins were ten, almost eleven then and Kelley was still nine. They got along well and played together all the time. When they weren't outside playing on the playscape or kicking a ball around, they were inside playing board games in one of their rooms. She and Mindy were playing a game cross legged on Mindy's bed one afternoon when she saw Mindy reach down between her legs and adjust her panties through the leg of her shorts. xxx child images She was concentrating on the game and didn't realize that Kelley was watching as she absent mindedly stroked herself through her panties. Kelley coughed a little nervous cough that brought Mindy back to reality. She jerked her hand back from her crotch and saw that Kelley had been watching what she had been doing."Sometimes when I'm concentrating I forget other people are around," she explained. "Do you ever do that?""Do you mean do I underwear child pics ever forget or do I ever rub myself down there?" Kelley asked."Well, I meant about the forgetting, but do you rub yourself down there, too?" Mindy asked."Well, uh, yeah, kinda, child porn picks sometimes,""Me, too!" said Mindy. "It feels real good sometimes when I manga children nude need to relax. Did you ever do it until you get a tickly?""I don't think so," Kelley said. "What's a tickly?""That's when you get this fantastic feeling and get all out of breath and stuff," she said."Nope, that never happened," Kelley said. fuck child gallery "I just rubbed it in the bath and then sometimes just before I go to bed. Is it children peeing videos OK to do that?"Sure, why not?" said Mindy as her hand crept back down into position between her legs. "What russian child sexy can happen? It's out own bodies, right?""I guess so," said Kelley. She saw Mindy's hand go back to resume her stroking so she thought she might as well do the same. Kelley slipped her fingers up the leg of her shorts and found the edge of her panties. She slid her finger under them and felt the hot flesh of his pubic mound. She got child photo forum a little tingly feeling when she did that. She reached in further and felt the moistness of the slit as her finger dipped into it. This was her favorite part so far; running her finger up and down the slit. It felt real good when she went all the way up and hit the top of the slit. manga child nude There was something there that really child porno gratis tickled her.Mindy watched as her little cousin reached in and diddled herself. She had no idea she knew how to do it at such a young age, then she thought about how long she had been doing it and it made sense that Kelley would have started about the same age as she did. She boldly went about her stroking now; all thoughts of the board game were history. She softly moaned and she slid her finger into her crack and up into her vagina. She saw that Kelley was busy doing almost the same thing, ls magazine childs but concentrating on the outer part of her little slit. Mindy got off the bed and went to the door and locked it."It's too hard to do with all these clothes on," she explained and started peeling her shirt and short and panties off. "Do you want to take yours off, Nude chiled tgp too?Kelley had watched what she was doing and her jaw dropped in awe. She couldn't believe her cousin was taking all her clothes off. She took in the beauty of her body and the promise of what might happen, so she took hers off, too. They got back on the bed and sat cross legged once again. Each girl had a full on view of the other's pussy as they stroked and diddled."Did you ever put your nude child black finger inside?" Mindy asked."No, I just rub and touch it up here," said Kelley, leaning back on one hand to show her the little nub at the top of the slit."Can I see?" asked Mindy."Sure, I guess so," said Kelley and Mindy came over to her while she lay down on her back. "There's a little hard thing up there that really makes you feel good."Mindy bent down and studied Kelley's parts and where she was touching herself. Then she felt around in her own slit and found what she was talking about. She jumped a little when she found it and directly stimulated it."Wow, yeah, there it is!" she said. "I just I've been kinda touching it when I was feeling down there, but never right on it like now." With one hand on her own clitoris she reached out and touched Kelley's slit. She ran a finger up and down it until it was real moist and then started pushing it into the cavern behind the slit."Ooh," said Kelley, "that feels nice!" Mindy worked her finger in and out of Kelley's pussy as Kelley pushed up from the bed to meet her thrusts. She couldn't go too far because she felt some resistance. child anal porn She remembered when she first started that she had trouble going all the way in, but had felt something pop one day when she pushed two fingers up there. Since then, she hadn't had any problems, thumbnails child pornography just a little blood that first time."If you think that feels nice, wait to you feel this!" Mindy said as she crawled between Kelley's legs. She lowered her face to Kelley's crotch and began licking her all over. Kelley could not believe it! The Mindy planted her mouth over Kelley's pussy and licked from one end of her slit to the other, and dug her tongue into childfuck lover Kelley's hole. Kelley was out of her mind with this new feeling. Mindy licked up to the top of her slit and found that little nub they had been talking about. russian child modeels She licked over it and around it and brought a moan from Kelley."Oh, Mindy, that's it, right there!" she breathed, "I think I'm gonna have one of those tickly things!" She thrust back and forth into Mindy's tongue and raised her but off the bed. "Oh, oh, oh!" she repeated until she quivered and shook and felt like her whole world shook. She sank back into the bed and closed her eyes, her breathing coming in rapid gulps of air."How was that for your first tickly, Kelley?""That, was, wicked, awesome!" she stammered between breaths. She shielded her eyes with her free nacked child forearm and waited for her breathing to return to normal. "Did you get a tickly, too?""No, not yet.""Can I help you child slut get nudest children photos one?" Kelley asked. Without waiting for an answer, she got between Mindy's legs and did the same thing she had done for her. Mindy had a mind blowing "tickly" and both children fuck sexe girls lay there naked to recuperate.Their recuperation was brought to an abrupt halt by aloud, insistent banging on the bedroom door."Hey, what's going on in there?" the voice demanded."Nothing! Mind your own business!" Mindy yelled back. The girls jumped off the child bondage stories bed and put their clothes back on as fast as they could. It was just Billy, but he was raising too much of a fuss. xxx photo children When she could see that they both were dressed, she unlocked the lingerie sex child door and Billy stormed in."Jeez! How come you guys are all locked up in here?" he asked, "And what's that smell?" He went around the room sniffing like a hound dog. Finally, like a hound that had picked up the scent, his eyes lit up and he smiled."What are you grinning about?" Mindy asked."I know what you guys were doing in here!" he announced. Both nudist child foto Kelley and Mindy immediately blushed. "You were touching each other, weren't you? I can smell girl smells in here!""How would you know what girl smells are, Billy?" Kelley challenged. Mindy and Billy looked each other in the eye, wondering who was going to spill the beans first."Oh, I know all right, why don't you go on and tell her, Mindy," Billy said. Mindy was still blushing and she pulled Kelley over to the side, away from Billy."Billy and I, uh, sometimes we, uh, do japan child erotica things, you know," she whispered in Kelley's ear."You mean you get undressed with him and do what we did?" Kelley said incredulously."Well, yeah, we do," she said, not bothering to whisper any more. "We're twins. We grew up together and we've seen each other naked all our lives. We got curious and wanted to see more, so we did." She left Kelley's side and went to stand close to Billy."I didn't mean to make you made," Kelley said, "I just am kinda surprised by this stuff. I never had a brother or a sister to try this stuff with. I'm sorry." She went over to them and hugged them both in a three way hug."That's OK, we can be like you brother and sister, little cousin," Billy said. He patted he back and made her feel better."Do you want to see what we do?" asked Mindy."Sure, I think so," she answered, not really knowing what to expect. Mindy looked at Billy and motioned for him to go over to the bed. On the way he kicked off his sandals, peeled his shirt off over his head and pulled his shorts off, leaving him in only a pair of white tighty whiteys. The girls followed him aver and stood by him, waiting. He was already getting hard in anticipation of the action, so there was a bulge in the front he couldn't help rubbing."See, Billy's already excited about it." Mindy pointed out. She took his hand off his crotch and replaced it with her own, massaged his tender young member with her hand. It grew even more. "OK. Off with them, Billy."He naked child pictures slid his briefs down and when he stood back up, Kelley got her first look at a preteen boy's equipment. Billy was smooth and slender and his red little pecker stood up from his crotch at a forty five degree angle. It was almost four inches long and fairly big around. His hairless balls were drawn up tight to the pussy childs base of his penis."Wow!" exclaimed Kelley. "I didn't know they could get big like that; I've only seen baby boys.""Go ahead and touch it," Mindy grabbed her hand and guided it sexy child cock to Billy's crotch and squeezed hand little hand around his hard dick. She felt it in her hand and Mindy started moving her hand up and down the shaft. She took her hand off and left Kelley to do it herself."It feels soft and hard at girl child fingering the same time," she said. "It's hard on the inside and soft on the outside. Billy was enjoying the attention and started to rock in time with the stroking Kelley was giving him."You know how we liked the rubbing and then went to doing the other thing?" she asked."Yeah," Kelley answered."Watch this," Mindy uncensored child said and she had Billy lay on his back on the bed and got up between his legs. "Come over here by the side of the bed."Kelley stood by the bed and saw Mindy hold Billy's penis at the base and give it a few strokes. Then she leaned down and put her mouth right over it! Kelley was amazed and astonished. She had never seen or even heard of such a thing. sex childs Billy writhed on the bed and Mindy sucked and bobbed on his little rod. After about a real child sex minute, she came up for air and wiped the saliva from her lips."Wanna try it?" she asked."I don't know what to do," Kelley answered."I'll show you what to do," Mindy answered."Well, somebody do something, please!" Billy said insistently. Mindy held onto Billy's dick as Kelley maneuvered into position between girl child pictures his legs."Just child boy naked lean down and lick it first," Mindy instructed, "then let it go in your mouth, but yuong child naked make sure you don't let your teeth hit it; Billy doesn't like that. Kelley moved Mindy's hand off Billy's dick and took over. She always liked doing things herself. She lowered her head close to his dick and licked it. She didn't mind the taste, so she went right for it. She lowered her mouth to engulf his dick. It felt so smooth and warm and she liked the way Billy seemed to be enjoying it. His dick wasn't big enough to be choking her and left her enough room video porno child to begin to play around with it in her mouth. She let her tongue do a little dance on the head of it and swirled it around the knob a couple of times. Billy sucked his breath in a couple of times and pushed his crotch deeper into his mouth,"MMhh, that's it, Kelley," he said. "God, Mindy, she's as good as you! I think I'm gonna have a cum soon." Kelley was encouraged by his comment and doubled her efforts. She started to let him slid in and out of her lips rapidly and could tell he was really getting into it. Then he stopped, grabbed her head and pushed as far as he could into her mouth. She felt his dick twitch and jerk as he had his dry cum. He let go of her head and pulled out of her mouth as his dick got too sensitive."Wow, you did it, Kelley!" Mindy exclaimed, "You made him get his tickly feeling!" Kelley was pretty proud of herself. She had pleasured both of her cousins so far and she had been there only a couple of hours.Kelley had been daydreaming about that while driving with her mother and had drifted into that unreal dream state. She vaguely heard her name being called and snapped her head up when it registered that her mother was trying to get her attention."Earth to Kelley; come in please," her mother repeated. "Kelley, are you awake?""I'm awake, Mom, I was child illegal pussy just daydreaming," she said."I guess you were! Did you know that you were moaning children sucking cocks and touching yourself down there?" she asked. Kelley looked down in horror and saw that her hand was in her lap and her fingers and pulled the leg of her shorts open. There was a wet spot on her panties where she xxx nude child had been rubbing herself. She was mortified and a tear started to form in her eyes."I'm sorry, Mommy! I didn't realize I was doing that!" she said as she burst into tears."It's OK, pumpkin, it's OK," her mother reassured her, "all of us girls go through that, and it's only natural. I should have known you were at that stage. I saw how you were looking at Kyle and Jamie and I knew you were getting to the same age I was when I started noticing boys and getting feelings down there.""You did it, too, Mommy?" she asked."Yes, Honey," Lynn said, "It's part of life and it's nothing to be ashamed of. You just have to make sure you don't do it at an inappropriate time." Lynn drew her closer to her side; as close as child pornopics the seatbelt would let her, and put her arm around her. Kelley leaned close to her and then lay down sort of on her back with her head on her Mom's thigh. Lynn's arm that was around her shoulder lowered as Kelley lay down and her hand came to rest on her thigh very near to Kelley's crotch. Kelley moved her legs apart a bit and Lynn let her hand slide down to the place where Kelley's thigh met her pubic area. Her shorts were already pulled aside. Lynn felt the hem of her panties and then ventured further to feel the material sex children hentai directly over Kelley's hot little pussy."You got yourself all hot and bothered, didn't you, Kel?" she observed. "You are all wet down there." She pressed directly on the area above her pussy and child fuckvideo felt the sticky wetness she knew was evidence of a very turned on little girl. She tried to maintain her attention on her driving while not wanting to make her hand leave its position in her little girl's crotch."That xxx child photos feels really good, Mommy!" Kelley said as she pressed her pussy into her Mommy's hand."I know, darling," she said. She stroked the material some more and then let her middle finger slip children 12 fucking under the thin material and onto the flesh beneath. It was smooth and warm and moist the closer she got to Kelley's slit. She felt the fold at the edge of it and allowed her finger to slide over and into her pussy. She rubbed it up and down over the smooth interior of her pussy lips and then up to the top to her clitoris."Oh, Mommy, that's the spot!" Kelley squealed."I know," she said and she continued her assault on Kelley's little clit. She pushed up against her finger and her hand and wiggled around on the seat. Lynn felt like she shouldn't be doing this, especially with her own daughter, yet felt powerless to stop. She remembered the first time she had done it with a friend when she was Kelley's age, and it just excited her more."Mommy, I'm gonna have a tickly!" Kelley announced. She moaned and danced around on the seat."Go ahead, honey," Lynn said, "just let it go." The words were just out of her mouth when Kelley did just that. She stiffened up and gripped her Mom's hand tight in her crotch and sailed into the throes of ecstasy. When it was over she relaxed her hold on her mother's hand and allowed Lynn to withdraw it. When Lynn saw that Kelley's eyes were closed, she raised her hand to her nose and sniffed the fresh smell of a preteen pussy on her fingers. It reminded her of those days of her own youth and incidents that happened child porn ukranian as she was growing up,"Oh, Mommy, that was so nice!" Kelley said. "Is it OK that we, you know, did that together?""Well, I suppose it's not the usual thing to happen, but I'm glad it did, aren't you?" child fucking movies she asked."Very glad," Kelley answered. "Mom, can I tell you about something?""Anything at all," Lynn said, childrens porn tgp "anything at all." Kelley told her mother about what had happened the last time they visited her cousins and was sure to tell her she wasn't forced into doing anything, but really wanted to do it. She didn't want to go into detail yet about Kyle and Jamie; she would save that for another time. They talked most of the way there about it and her Mom assured her that it was OK as long as she wasn't forced childfuck suck girl to do anything she didn't want to do. Kelley made her promise not to say anything to her Aunt and Uncle or to her cousins about it."OK, Kelley, but you have to promise not to say anything to anybody about what we just did, either," she said. "You wouldn't want to have to visit me in jail, would you?""No Mom, I won't tell anybody," porn childrens she said and leaned in close and hugged her mother. They stayed like that for the rest of the trip.
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